Allison Wade

Writer of Fantasy and modder of gamest

Italian by birth, but I've always been curious and fascinated by the various languages of the world, which led me to embrace English as my primary way to communicate on the Internet. Consuming a lot of American movies and TV shows does that to a person. The Princess Bride was probably one of the first books I was able to completely read and understand in its original language and I was so thrilled!

I also grew up watching a lot of Japanese anime, and their cute goofiness mixed with deep and impactful themes always stuck with me.

In my teens I used to read a lot of horror short stories and novels, and I never say no to a new horror movie. Then I got captured by the fantasy genre and started creating my own world, which evolved in the story of "The Eternal Stones".

And now, more than 20 years later, after writing many pages and learning from my mistakes, I translated the first book into English and I'm making friends with people from the other side of the ocean and elsewhere, trying to convince them to get involved in my stories, while I also have fun with videogames and modding (Skyrim is my jam).

The Eternal Stones