Sharp-Clawed Sci-Fi, Running on the Redline

OVA series with no specific genre using the melting pot approach of the 80s-2000s OVA animes. Inspired by Bubblegum Crisis and Project Ako.

A youtube channel where I post updates on games and 3D models that I make. Also on Rumble.

A place for the publication and exploration of fantasy literature.

I Survived the Kali Yuga is part black comedy/satire strip, part neo-noir, Lovecraftian detective series

A Dark Fantasy Pulp. A young girl gets trapped in the world of Shadowy Fae and Dark Magic. She must survive and find her way home.

Paladin Dragoon's Twitter page

A heavy metal audio comic about one man's survival in a post apocalyptic world.

Learn about Spellsword RPG, an upcoming roleplaying game experience unlike anything that has come before

All about the author and the books!

The Whisper is an experimental webcomic that follows the intrigues of a mysterious character who battles corruption through unexpected and at times extreme means.

I am the author of the Starshatter space opera book series.

Weird science Fiction/Fantasy

Lifelong writing enthusiast looking to join in the upswell of people bringing heroism and adventure back to science fiction and fantasy.

The best place to keep up with the Wilting Blood book series and other related or unrelated projects by the author.


Promoting quality works of independent sci-fi and fantasy through browsable reviews, news, and more!

A review site featuring Iron Age and superversive trad and indie titles, with some news and commentary.