I personally will continue to publish brief articles about things I find interesting, but I certainly cannot keep up with everything and do not claim to be a professional writer. As such, I am excited to receive article submissions for the type of content described below. If writing articles isn`t your style there are also weekly prompts for creators. Please read the FAQ and then reach out via twitter or email.


- Focused on Fresh Content

+ Discussing the failings of legacy media products is important and popular, but this site is dedicated to new creators and their stories.

- Keep It Brief

+ Articles should be a quick read, as part of my goal to build a new media ecosystem I want to point people to longer form content elsewhere.

- Subject Guidelines

+ New intellectual property. Meaning no fanfic or reboots of existing IP.

+ Originates from an independent, or at least outside the mainstream, creator.

+ Professional quality content with a consumer-ready product in the near future.

+ Not pornographic. Family friendly is not a requirement, but it should not be primarily explicit.