Bonsart Bokel

Steampunk Author and Youtuber

Bonsart Bokel is the creator of Radio Retrofuture on Youtube, which includes the Steampunk Beginners Guide documentary series. On the Radio Retrofuture podcast, he has interviewed over a hundred members of the Steampunk Community, such as writers, organizers, and other creators. Discussing Steampunk for nearly a decade, he thought it was time to write example stories that go beyond the typical tropes of the Steampunk genre. This became a short story series called the Association of Ishtar. A multiverse of Loveholmesian adventure and Steampunk-inspired horrors. During that time, he also picked up comic book writing and has taken various projects to Kickstarter.

His ambition is to create a multiverse written by various authors, in which the reader takes the place of an investigator exploring the multiverse while unlocking the secret of the Association of Ishtar.