Brian P McCoppin

Bestselling author of Christ centered works

Brian has written in a multitude of mediums and subjects. From his worldwide best seller Hell Desk to Help Desk to his simple children’s book Hold Me Daddy, he is comfortable experimenting across ideas.

He has released a romantic work of Christ-centered fiction called Two Become One under the pseudonym of Abigail Grace. This was his effort to prove that romance novels can be successful and be “descriptive sex” free and Christ centered.

Brian’s flagship work and his passion project is Record Of The Paladins. This is a world spanning adventure that follows individuals who are blessed by God with unique abilities. They use these skills to locate, close-upon, and destroy demons that are loose on our world corrupting the innocent and evil alike.

Each book focuses on one (or two) Paladins as they discover their abilities and join with the rest as the war of Angels and Demons builds to a final climax.

Besides writing and being a dedicate husband and father, Brian is a black belt in Tango Soo Do and spends his evening teaching and practicing. His days are spent on the boat in the Gulf of Mexico chasing that horizon.