Daniel P. Riley

Ironage Author and Writing Coach

Raised on the writings of authors long before the 1980s, Daniel P. Riley has always told stories. An avid roleplayer in his youth, he crafted action-packed and engaging stories for his friends around the table yet dreamed of writing his own novels. Three years ago, he finally did so and has written 5 novels and 9 short stories for Ironage Media’s story prompt challenge alone, with many more to come. A former educator with a teaching degree, Daniel now dedicates his life to writing whimsical and intriguing books while coaching others on their literary journey to being published through his website: whimsyland where links to his books and productions also live.

In addition to coaching and writing, Daniel hosts a group of indie-pub and ironage authors called Laureate on Discord and can be seen every Friday on Iron Age Knights with host Royce and Richard. You can follow Daniel P. Riley on Twitter @Misterdpriley to see more about the amazing tales he’s producing and the inspirational guidance shared.