Devon Eriksen

The era of whining is over, and humanity is going places again

Once upon a time, science fiction was about science and engineering. Was about big ideas for how technology can transform the world. Was about what a high-tech future might look like, and how it might feel to be a real person living there. Was about our hopes and aspirations.

But something happened. Somewhere along the way, our fiction lost hope. Began preaching our inevitable failure. Began sifting through the ashes of endless visions of decay. Began lamenting instead of inspiring. Began, above all, lecturing us for daring to have hopes, dreams, and desires, for daring to think that the universe is a better place with humans in it than without, that tomorrow might be better than today.

Well, some of us aren't interested in self-flagellation. And we're not done with the big ideas yet.

I'm Devon Eriksen. And I'm writing the Orbital Space trilogy as a love letter to every head-high pile of science fiction classics I ever hid in the back of a public library with. Because I think the era of whining is over, and humanity is going places again.

So strap into an acceleration chair, and slap on a high-g stim patch. It's going to be a bumpy ride.

Devon Eriksen's character-driven hard science fiction novel Theft of Fire publishes this November. Read sample chapters, sign up for updates, and find book retailers at

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