Eric Ninaltowski

Rebel. Freedom Fighter. Counter Culture Enthusiast.

I was born in the 80’s, raised in the 90’s and have found myself in this new millennium full of the destruction of everything I once held dear. I thought drawing comics for the main stream was what I always wanted to do. Now I see my goal is not to join them, but to fight to keep some semblance of the fun and entertainment that was once comics. That’s why I created LEGACY comics, we need something new not just for us, but for our kids as well.

I’ve been drawing professionally for the past 15 years mainly in indie comics. Now I’m excited to be able to forge a new path, one that with your help is uncancellable. They don’t hold our wallets, we do. We get to speak with them, and we get to have the final say as to what we want. I would love to have your support and keep building this universe, these books, and this legacy. Please join me. You can find more on my website as well as links to all my socials– Also, please consider joining my email list to keep up to date and in the know!