Hank Brown

Novelist; Blogger; Future Comic Creator

When I first heard about the Iron Age, I celebrated with a tall cool one and a Hemi-powered burnout (don't try this at home—especially if you have a gravel driveway). Since 2010 I've been doing my part to help spark a non-woke pulp revival. Looks like it might finally be here.

All three stand-alone novels in my Retreads Series have been #1 bestsellers in categories such as "Pulp Thrillers," Men's Adventure Fiction" and "War Fiction."

My new Paradox Series is a time-travel sci-fi sports adventure saga progressing from a coming-of-age tale to a conspiracy thriller. Each of these books have also been bestsellers, so far.

In the works are a novel-length sword & sorcery epic in my Tales of the Honor Triad continuity, and several graphic novels—the first of which, a sci-fi adventure is teased at Arkhaven.

My purest pulpesque product thus far is a pugilistic punchfest I wrote under the house name "Jack Tunney" for the retro-boxing pulp Fight Card series—also available from Audible.

I'm the Chief, cook, and bottle-washer at Virtual Pulp, where you will find honest reviews of Iron Age (and other) creative work, plus interviews, commentary, sneak peeks, and more great content.

Twitter: @MachineTrooper Gab: @MachineTrooper