Jolly Roger

Novice writer at the dawn of the Iron Age

I've always had a vibrant imagination, that transformed words written in black on white into a live action movie that was playing on the pages of the book in my hands. I could see Robin Hood dashing through the undergrowth of the Sherwood Forest trying to escape the sheriff's men. I could feel the hot sun beating down on Tom Sawyer when he stood in front of the fence that seemed to stretch for miles. I could smell the smoke of a campfire of any explorer story that I've read over the years. Knights and Ladies, Cowboys and Indians, Heroes and villains, all came to life in a good story. If I myself will ever put pen to paper and, write words that capture the imagination of people remains to be seen. I have not written more than a paragraph since highschool, nine years ago. My journey back into writing begins with an article, where it will end up is anyone's guess. Raise the black and fly the Jolly Roger for a new age has begun, an Age of Wonder, an Age of Freedom, an Age of Iron.

Yo Ho and a bottle of rum.