The Man Behind the Screen

Pulp Fantasy & Webcomic Author

Pulp fiction, especially fantasy and horror, have been a passion ever since I was a child. I just didn't know it at the time. Inspired to begin writing at a young age by spooky children's fiction such as Goosebumps, classic Choose Your Own Adventure books, and comics I probably shouldn't have read at that age like Spawn, I've followed this trajectory ever more closely for the past thirty years. Now it's led me here, to the Iron Age of independent media.

The focus of my writing is fantasy pulp fiction, often dark in tone and crawling with supernatural eeriness, but not always. Much of it is inspired by the works of Howard and especially Moorcock, and will frequently feature tough heroes placed in underdog situations that challenge their understanding of the world around them. If that sort of thing sounds appealing to you, then please feel free to join me on my Tales of Calamity and Triumph Substack, where you'll find plenty of that featured.

By contrast, if you'd prefer or also enjoy a more heartfelt story of adventure, intrigue, found family, and the strength of loving bonds, then my webcomic Phoenix Rising may be for you. You can find that over on Webtoon.