Raziel Gore

Co-founder of Studio YGKrow

My name is Raziel J (RJ) Gore, co-founder of Studio Y.G.Krow I am an animator and director from Philadelphia, but I wear many hats; I act, dance, illustrate, produce music, sound design, and more. Most importantly, I am a fan who knows what it’s like to see the stories I love be ruined by unclever, unskilled, cynical executives and thus I recognize what respecting your audience means.

I wish to help bring about a new age of media, one that doesn’t necessarily center around politics, but rather one that centers around respecting the minds and interests of the fans. Not all media should be for everyone, it should have a unique identity that makes it hard to get into for some, but nevertheless, everyone should be able to find that piece of media for them.

I want to make stories I think are cool, and that’s all I need to do for now.