Robert Victor Mills

Writer of traditional heroic fantasy

Like many of us, I have a dream. You see, since a boy, I have had stories awhirl in my head, of heroes, of legends, of deeds of grand peril and great valour. And my dream, to write these stories down, publish them, share them with those who might be minded, hopefully to be entertained in their part, readers eager for fantasy and adventure crafted in a more traditional style.

Thus, I published my first book, ‘Man of Swords’, six prose tales of Sword and Sorcery. Released in December 2022, it chronicles the origins of a mighty hero, Rhoye of Khetaine, destined one day to be a champion and legend of his world. Taking inspiration from many varied influences of a lifetime of reading, from Howard, Lovecraft, Tolkien, from the many fantastical tales of old, Arthurian Legends, Greek Myths, Medieval Literature, from comics, westerns and pulps, my stories mix in a little of it all, hopefully to attain a unique flavour all their own.

That, of course, is for you the reader to decide. Should you wish to join me, I have started pages on both Wattpad and Substack, where I plan to release short stories and novellas as time allows. Both are free, and will remain so, so feel free to take a peek. And do join me on Twitter for updates and for far too much spam. I really do hope you enjoy my stories.

‘Man of Swords’ is available now from Amazon