Sebastian Priest

Naked, coming at you with a magic chainsaw

The being known as Sebastian has many names and many speculate as to his origins. Some say he crawled out of a cabbage patch somewhere while others swear Sebastian is actually a group of three highly evolved goblin-esque entities masquerading as a human by standing on top of one another and holding up a big coat. Other tales suggest that he's living in your walls as we speak, taking tiny portions of mayonnaise from your fridge every night to sustain himself. None know the truth.

Except for people who know the truth. They know he's actually a werewolf. That's his origin story. It's canon. Deal with it.

What is known is that Sebastian Priest is a screenwriter and author from South Africa. When he's not suffering from acute insomnia or doing his best to avoid the sunlight, he puts dark fantasy novels together with his own unique brand of horror and sarcasm.