Vincent Baker

Christian. Happily Married. Tabletop Game Designer. Anime Fan. TCG Background. Otherworlds / Spellslingers / and more!

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When Vincent was a young boy his father took him into the city, but not to see a marching band, it was to go to a local card shop!

Vincent’s dad raised him on JRPGs and TCGs. Final Fantasy, Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Magic: The Gathering, you name it!

In High School, Vincent was nominated student entrepreneur of the year and won his school business competition. He's since been asked to represent Entrepreneurship for areas in SC and to speak at schools across the state. He’s also worked with 2K for a Borderlands Event at PAX East, and with premier gaming groups Hunters Entertainment and MAMS Gaming.

Through Vindicated, Vincent has published over a dozen tabletop games and expansions including Otherworlds, Spellslingers, Ghoullotine, and the upcoming Black Paper Moon tabletop RPG.

Twitter: @thevindicated
Instagram: @vindicatedentertainment