What`s this all about?
Read the mission page.
When does new content get posted?
New articles go up on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday before noon central. New prompts go up Wednesday mornings. Voting for prompts and winning submissions will go up on Fridays.
How can I support IronAge Media?
Read the contribute page and then finish this FAQ to get some ideas.


Are you going to do a proper FAQ about articles?
So what am I supposed to do until then?
Send me an email. Preferably before you write an article.


How does this prompt thing work?
Every Wednesday a new image and title will be posted. People write about it and send in a link to their work. If the work meets the requested guidelines it will be eligible for posting on the site via editorial selection or popular vote. Otherwise the link will just be added to the collection.
What are the guidelines?
These will be included with the prompt, but generally will be a word count between one thousand and five thousand words. Submitted within 15 days of the prompts initial posting.
Do I have to use the provided title?
No, you`re welcome to use whatever you like. I would recommend at least adding a unique subtitle to distinguish your work.
Can I use my personal site, substack, patreon, etc?
Yes, you`re welcome to use any means you want to host your story. My only requirement is that the link should remain usable, and not create any privacy or safety concerns.
What`s this about `editorial selection or popular vote?`
Once a month`s worth of prompts have passed their submission window I will create a poll for all the submissions across those prompts. After 8 days a winner and a story of my own choice will be selected and have the option of hosting their story directly on the site. Each will be featured in separate weeks. So expect two Fridays of posts about voting, followed by two Fridays of short stories.
What if I miss the `submission window` or word count?
That`s fine and you can still get your link added to the collection, it just won`t be eligible for the monthly postings. Ideally I`d like for these collections to be a way for people to find authors they might enjoy.
Can I use the prompt image?
You are welcome to do whatever you want with the image except claim that you created it yourself. However it was generated using Midjourney AI and legal ownership is still murky in that regard, so I encourage caution if you are putting it in a copyrighted product.
Is there a reward or payment for good stories?
Not at this time. I operate everything completely out of pocket on my end, so as much as I`d like to include monetary rewards it is beyond my current abilities.
How long will you be doing these prompts?
I have no plan of stopping, but at some point I expect circumstances may change. As long as people are sending in amazing stories I can`t imagine quitting.


What the heck are circles?
My term for communities because I wanted a shorter word in the nav bar.
What do circles do?
They are a free ad for the people of the IronAge to help find each other.
What kinds of circles are there?
+ Creator circles for creators or teams to share updates about their existing and upcoming work.
+ Reviewer circles for individuals or groups who like discussing the content of the IronAge.
+ Fan circles for individuals or groups who like a particular creator, series, or genre.
+ Support circles for individuals or groups of creators who want to help people accomplish their goals.
How can I get a cirlce?
Fill out this form, which is subject to change. I probably won`t contact you if your info is bad, so double check.