ANVIL #3 & First Strike Trailer

Physical Orders Closing Soon

The new double feature trailer for ANVIL #3 & First Strike is out now! Get a taste of what's coming next month! Eleven electrifying stories and two exciting comics in ANVIL and don't miss six tracks fo metallic might & infectious electronica in First Strike!

Don't Miss the Physical Editions

If you want to make sure you are able to hold ANVIL #3 or First Strike in your hands this spring, make sure you order by January 20th! After that it will be extremely limited overrun and I don't know when I'll be able to afford a second batch. Even then subscriptions placed after the 20th will be prioritized! Forgemaster subscriptions will be limited to in person sales at Pew Peeps Expo after January 20th to make sure I don't create any blems while stamping the magazines.


Speaking of subscriptions I've been moving towards yearly subscriptions for sales rather than crowdfunding! These are the best ways to support the magazine and make sure things run smoothly into 2025, and get the best prices and free shipping on campaign add-ons and partner projects like Tempered Records. In addition there are the best prices you're ever going to get on issues #1 & #2 for all new subscriptions. If you're already a subscriber and want the prior issues check your email for a discount code.

Thank You for Your Support

Thank you to everyone who has supported ANVIL, Tempered Records, & IronAge Media! I know this is a back to back shill, but the regularly scheduled author posts will resume next week! As you head into the weekend, enjoy this lead single from First Strike...