365 Infantry 2022 Collection OUT NOW!

Omnibus Gathers 25 Electric Tales on Paperback

For the brave wolven warriors of the 365th Infantry, the fight against the strange creations of sentient computer A.C.E.S. is a nonstop war for the freedom of the Wastelands and those in the heart of the distorted metropolis Haven. A war of nerves, a war of force, and a war waged in denim, leather, & chrome.

From the Substack digital magazine, creator Jacob Calta takes readers on a fantastic journey into a savage world, a post-apocalyptic circus that is as much a celebration of classic science fiction as it is a salute to hot rods, chopped hogs, and heavy metal. 24 strikingly stylized stories, and an all-new spy thriller exclusive to the collection.

Join the spirited Gibson, the indomitable Valentina, the wild Lita, the rugged Nic, the noble General Knox, and many more wicked hounds for the first year of lifelong journey.

“365 Infantry: The 2022 Collection” is available now on Lulu in paperback and coming soon to Amazon in both physical and digital form.

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