365 Infantry 2023 Collection OUT NOW!

The Adventure Continues in 22 Sensational Tales

Back behind the wheel are the 25th century's most daring and courageous hounds! With the looming threat of the mad electric machine A.C.E.S., the scum and villainy of the Wastelands, and a mysterious new faction in the ongoing fight for freedom, the 365th Infantry and their many friends and allies are in it up to their necks. But all is not lost, not when these wolves are on the scene!

Writer Jacob Calta delivers another white-knuckled trip through a metalhead power fantasy future, armed with brisk storytelling, stylish prose, an enveloping world, the dynamic art of Kevin John Jacob, and a breathtaking cover illustration by the talentedTemiree. Join the daring soldier Gibson, the sage General Knox, the tormented huntress Valentina, the mad-cap vigilante Lita, the wild-eyed lawman Nic, and the scores of colorful canine characters that populate the world of Haven and the Wastelands!

The 2023 Annual Collection is available on Amazon in paperback for $15 USD and as an eBook for $7 USD, gathering all 20 of last year’s dynamic tales from across the four corners of the irradiated wolven world, plus special duology “The Boss Double Bill,” and exclusive to print editions, the 4-page short comic ”The Avenger’s Creed” starring Haven’s own Lita in a swift slice of autocop carnage! Merch featuring Temiree’s cover art is available now on Teepublic, and as always, readers can learn more about the world of 365 Infantry on our Substack.

May God Bless You and this Force. Read on, Soldiers!