365 Infantry #2 Roars Onto Substack

Thrills Await in New Metallic Sci-Fi Pulp

From arid desert plains of the Wastelands to the darkest alleys of the computerized paradise lost, an unending fight for freedom soldiers on for all to see. At the beck and call of a distant computerized goddess, a mysterious goliath stalks the lands, swarms of jackboot hovercraft storm the city streets, and amid it all, the brave wolven warriors of the 365th Infantry weather the onslaught with throttles to the floor, and guns at the ready.

365 Infantry is the brainchild of writer, filmmaker, and composer Jacob Calta, a raucous love letter to science fiction in its many varied forms, with twists of everything from the western to the film noir, and a hard-coded metallic edge to the proceedings. Having debuted in June of 2022, this cyberpunk pulp passion project has been catching eyes and seeks to entertain with old-school rock-em-sock-em action and sharp drama.

September 4th sees the debut of five brand-new stories in the pulp quarterly, one for each narrative branch of this up-and-coming series. In the main story arc, “The War,” soldier Gibson, his best gal Evelyn “Teddy” Blanc, and sharp-eyed Commander “M.A.D. Dog” Douglas take on a leviathan menace in “Phantom Forces.” In the second installment of psychological drama “The Hunt,” the troubled vagabond Valentina finds unusual allies and a kindred spirit in a strange couple in the story “Comfort in Madness.”

Meanwhile in the heart of the dystopian Haven, the baddest bitch of the bunch is teaming up with some of the Resistance’s men to raid top-secret plans from the inner circle surrounding Haven’s ruler, the Artificiality Controlled Eco-System (A.C.E.S). “Urban Avenger” Lita works with the darksome Captain Tomás “Grim” Herrera on some hot-rodding espionage in “Dame of the Death Alley Run.”

Back on the wild frontier of the Wasteland, three lawmen in the ruthless Hell Patrol are dishing up justice for the twisted and depraved. In “The Speedfreak Files,” officers Nic Ridgefield, Harry Garret, and Rory Armstrong work to take down a vile wretch in the furthest reaches of civilization, “On the Ivory Coast.”

And lastly, in the pure anthology of “Tales from the Front Line,” career thieves hire a mysterious getaway driver for a routine raid on Haven’s storage district. When infighting threatens the mission, and the fuzz are at their backs, the young driver known as Boss always finds a way of whipping the situation into shape in “The Getaway Boss.”

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