Can Agent Steele Survive “The Short Circuit Revolution?”

Exciting New Spy Novella from 365 Infantry!

OUT NOW! Available on paperback ($7 USD) and eBook ($5 USD), join Recon Agent Roger Steele in a night Haven won’t soon forget! When the seasoned gray wolf is sent undercover to investigate the death of an Infantry contact, peaceable protest organization Haven Reformation, led by the tough-talking Lucille Devenreux, soon reveals itself to be the top layer of a deadly conspiracy! It’s a perplexing affair fraught with duplicitous politicians, strange technology, and the ever-mysterious intentions of the sentient computer network A.C.E.S., and it all adds up to a lesson in how to short-circuit a revolution!

From writer Jacob Calta and his sprawling sci-fi franchise 365 Infantry, “The Short Circuit Revolution” is the project’s first novella, relaying a tale of cyberpunk mystery and surreal speculative fiction as only the multimedia pulp series can tell. Featuring fan-favorite Urban Avenger Lita Ridgefield, and a gallery of peculiar characters populating this revolutionary side of the city, the night is long for Agent Steele as he tries to piece the impossible puzzle together and save thousands caught in harm’s way! The character’s adventures were originally serialized as Steeled Spies to paid subscribers of the 365 Substack, and it certainly won’t be the last of the daring spy’s adventures.

The Short Circuit Revolution: Available Now on Amazon.