365 Infantry #4 is Packing Heat!

New Year of High-Octane Sci-Fi

Back for the attack, it’s speculative fiction heavyweight 365 Infantry with an all-new issue, their very first for 2023!

Creator Jacob Calta has cranked out five white-hot pulp tales of courage, daring, and hell-raising fun in the Spring 2023 edition of the Substack sci-fi magazine.

In the world of the The War, the soldiers of the 365th square off against a mysterious rogue who threatens the very core of their fight for freedom when the villain zeroes in on top-secret weapons development. Can Gibson, General Knox, & the whole crew defeat the growing menace before he gets too close? Find out in “Ride the Black Country”

In their first adventure on the road, Valentina & her noble hunters defend a family caught under the guns of vile scavengers, all while trying to trap the captors behind the Colosseum’s unwilling gladiators. Can the troubled hounds save the day? Will they get one step closer to the truth of their abduction? Find out in the thrilling new chapter of The Hunt, “Facing the Pack”

Then it's time for real revenge as Haven's lone force for good, the vigilante Lita, hunts the slayer of the city’s young bikers. The night grows darker still when a unit from the Force, sent to sort out the mysteries of Station 607, get caught up in an all-out rumble with a tough-as-nails gang. Find out why there's "Blood on the Bike" in the latest chapter of The Urban Avenger

And Hell Patrol's toughest are at it again as Nic, Harry, and Rory take on a feral arsonist while working a lead on the radium racket. When everything collides, the results are truly explosive! Will it all go down in flames for Metröpolis? Find out in the latest tall tale from The Speedfreak Files, "Maniacs Afire"

And lastly, learn about one of the most seminal figures in the history of the 365th. From the archives of mechanic Eric, it's a window into the life of the great General Leonard Ford Godred in this special installment of Tales From The Front Line, "Letters from a Black Angel"

But the fun doesn’t stop there! With paid subscriptions starting at just $5/Month or $50/Year, the wild world of 365 is opened up wide for those wanting more!

The big ticket item is an all-new episode of audio adventure series Alan Firedale: Desert Delinquent! Join the young vagabond Alan & his trusty hot rod Golden Cloud as they help a nomad discover the secret behind her tribe's disappearance in "Flames Along the Homeland." A brand-new, half-hour soundtrack album is also available over on Bandcamp, and grants buyers one free month of the subscription service!

Get the inside scoop on martial arts stud Boss Kusanagi, star of fan-favorite tale “The Getaway Boss,” in two tell-all stories collected for the knockout Boss Double Bill

And for those who want to learn more about the series, the first in a string of behind-the-scenes articles is out now, discussing the influence of Roman history over certain aspects of 365. Learn more in Ave Resistentia! The Roman Roads to 365 Infantry

These are some of the many perks afforded paying supporters who help keep the main magazine free for all. And those who can’t, can help out in many ways. Through grabbing killer merch off our TeePublic and Redbubble stores, buying the 2022 Annual Collection on Amazon or Lulu, or donating via Ko-fi or PayPal.Me

With five thrilling tales in store, and a wealth of exclusive adventures, it’s full-throttle excitement and electric suspense in the world of 365 Infantry. The series continues to soldier on and deliver engaging entertainment across a variety of mediums and genres, and shows no signs of slowing anytime soon. As the great General Knox would say: “May God bless you and this Force.”

See you on the ‘field, Soldier!