White-Hot Thrills from 365 Infantry #6

The Pack of the Future is Back!

Seasons change, time rolls on, and racing ahead of it all are the hard-rocking wolven warriors of the 365th Infantry, with engines afire and devil horns held high! The latest issue of the digital speculative fiction magazine promises straight-ahead excitement and wild escapades starring the fiercest hounds this side of the Bomb.

In The War, the brightest minds are set to face the strangest of circumstances as a mysterious base emerges in the hills of the Wastelands. It all comes down to their soldiers’ wits and the special machines devised by engineering chief Nic Ridgefield and Auto Corp Captain “Grim” Herrera to find out the truth of these chromium-plated domes. Discover the truth in “The Iscariot Complex!”

Their first lead dashed but their spirits undaunted, Valentina and her steadfast survivors continue their quest to destroy the Colosseum in The Hunt. When they happen across a couple of savaged scavengers, the Hunters decide to help them get even with their aggressor, a ruthless wolf in a steel convertible. What they can’t suspect is the depths of the beast’s depravity, and how far the affair would send the tortured Marcus over the edge. The blood runs deep “In the Crack of the Highway!”

You can beat her, bash her, and crash her, but you can’t keep The Urban Avenger down! The indomitable punk Lita teams up with her new-found ally, biker gang leader Mack Malten to form a new alliance to fight off against the legions of A.C.E.S. What neither hound suspects are the agents unleashed upon them. On the streets and in the dark, Haven’s lone vigilante now lives “Under the Silver Gun!”

Nic and the boys are on the scene in this latest case from The Speedfreak Files! With Hell Patrol taking up the cause of drug-busting, folks from all over are pitching in to clear the Wastelands of their most widespread killer, radium. And what seems like a perfect day spent with mild-mannered father Buck Sterling turns into a wild escapade “On the Rocks!”

And in the latest of our Tales from the Front Line, experience a nightmare made manifest. 18 wheels, 12 tons, and all with a single target: the driver of a souped-up rod. The wolf in the hot seat is Kirk Morrow, the big-rig driver nameless, and the heart of the action lies in “Hate’s Convoy!”

The hero of the Wasteland airwaves returns in another exciting episode of Alan Firedale: Desert Delinquent! The tough young hound and his faithful hot rod Golden Cloud become friends of a crack team of scientists who have taken an interest in the strange goings-on our heroes have faced. When they discover a secret map of all Old World hardware, one deadly machine comes roaring to life, threatening all desert-dwellers in its path. It’s up to Alan and Goldie to save the day in “Blazing Black-Sites!”

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Rock hard and ride free, Soldier!