365 Infantry #3 Debuts Electric Tales

Wild New Stories Packed With Horror, Romance, & Adventure

In the face of technological tyranny, sadistic villains, and unearthly menaces, the hard-rocking wolven warriors of the 365th Infantry are there fight back in the name of freedom and justice.

The latest chapter in the exciting Substack-based sci-fi series promises to be an unforgettable one, with tales of terrifying visions, fantastical scenarios, and stylish action on offer.

In main series arc, “The War,” General Adam Knox and soldier Gibson are pushed to their limits as both soldiers and men when faced with unspeakably cruel visions that infest their mind. When the duo agree to traverse the desert in an attempt to discover the source of what they believe to be signals, both men find themselves on a horrific journey that may drive them to their deaths. Discover the source of evil with them in the surreal tale of “Children of the Neon Goddess.”

In an intimate installment of “The Hunt,” the vagabond Valentina finds herself irresistibly drawn to a stranger by the name of Brennus. The gentle gray offers her safe harbor at his sequestered home, and in time, reveals himself to be a healer of unique ability. Can Val finally make peace with her terrible past through Brennus, or will the newfound lover be short-lived in her life? Find out in the strange drama of “Oasis D'Amour.”

Meanwhile, in the ongoing adventures of Haven’s “Urban Avenger” Lita, the punk freedom fighter ropes boyfriend Nic out of the desert and into a perplexing escapade into the bowels of mysterious complex. Join the inveterate gunslingers in the wild tale of “Lovers in the Labyrinth” as they try to breakout and get to the bottom of the situation.

And when he’s not with his best gal, lawman Nic “Speedfreak” Ridgefield is fighting the worst of crime the desert has to offer in “The Speedfreak Files.” His latest escapade with rebellious “Richter” Garret and the raucous “Madskins” Armstrong sees the Hell Patrol trio teaming up with bloodsucking Duellist “Feral Fay” and her dearest Lori as they go hunting down a vicious thief in “The Crimson Crew.”

And in the latest “Tales from the Front Line,” learn more about the ground-floor inner circle surrounding the computer goddess A.C.E.S., from the moment of her true birth to her shocking ascent in “My Kingdom Come.”

But the fun doesn’t stop there!

Debuting alongside the main magazine is a brand-new paid subscription for fans to show their love and treat themselves to a wealth of exciting new stories. Subscribers can help keep the Force thundering along at $5 USD per month or $50 USD per year, getting access to forthcoming stories, audio adventures, comics, and more. Superfans can also earn “General of the Armies” status by supporting us at $100 USD annually, and gain access to behind-the-scenes details, on top of the exclusives under the subscription. With all that and more on the horizon, there are many thrilling adventures yet to be had, and one true flagship in the form of in-world fiction.

Inspired by classic radio dramas such as The Shadow and TV cult favorite Knight Rider, Alan Firedale: Desert Delinquent is a brand-new audiobook drama starring an adventurous young rogue and his affectionate high-tech car who foil the plans of the villainous dictator General Langdon as he seeks to expand his New American empire of San Ciprés. The stories are set outside the world of 365; a parable Wasteland-dwellers regularly enjoy to escape the doldrums of their day-to-day lives.

Listeners will be treated to not one but TWO thrilling adventures starring Alan and his faithful automotive steed Golden Cloud. The pilot, white-knuckled short “Hell’s Quarter-Mile” will be released for FREE and sees a hitman taken for the ride of his life when he challenges a strange white car to a drag. The first full episode, “Hair-Trigger Towns,” sees Alan teams up with a begrudging San Ciprés official to get to the bottom of mysterious and devastating bombings of desert towns.

Fans can also show their support via donations on Ko-fi and PayPal.Me or buy our fine array of T-shirts, mugs, and merchandise on Redbubble. Print collections will be made available in the near-future. Stay tuned for more details!

With electric stories to tell, and the Iron Age upon us, there’s no better time to lock, load, and ride out with the hellions and hot-rodders of the Wastelands and the streets of Haven than now! Don’t delay and subscribe today at 365infantry.substack.com.