365 Infantry #9 Rocks The Future

A Lightening Round of Cyberpulp Excitement!

Remember the thrill of classic pulp fiction? The carefree, white-knuckled fun of short stories packed to the brim with colorful characters and daring heroics, set in worlds like no other? If you dig all that with a metallic, wolven twist, then the world of 365 Infantry is here to deliver the goods!

Available now in paperback ($7 USD) and eBook ($3 USD), 365 INFANTRY: SUMMER 2024 delivers five exciting tales of cyberpunk thrills and hot-rodding action, now with fresh, comic-styled interior art by the prolific Kevin John Jacob (And Hell Followed With Him, Record of the Paladins), a brand-new adventure for the Wasteland’s favorite radio hero, and exclusive bonus materials in our official Quarterly magazine.

THE WAR — In the Eastern Deserts, Captain “Grim” Herrera & Adventurer Jack T. Wellman discover a bizarre military site. Back home, husband-and-wife duo Gibson and Evelyn Blanc lead the Force into battle against unruly raiders and their perplexing machines in “Worlds Under Fire!”

THE HUNT — It appears as though Valentina and Her Hunters are at peace, having survived their peculiar therapy with Eric. This rejuvenation is put to the test when the pack has to stop a gang war in “Nero’s Bastards!”

THE URBAN AVENGER — The time has come for “Hazel” to be revealed! The punk vigilante Lita and old-school caped crusader Professor Smith hunt down the devious Haven agent beneath the megacity’s streets in “Underground Hounds!”

THE SPEEDFREAK FILES — Metröpolis is becoming a twin-axe attack! When Nic, Harry and Rory find Navajo blueshound Brett Tsé, they have to shake a cannibalistic loan shark off his tail before he can join the band in “Two to Tango, Four to Shred!”

TALES FROM THE FRONT LINE — In Part 1 of a three-part serial, relive “The Day Knox Died!” Before leading the 365th into battle, discover the dark gray’s dark past as a Haven cop who learns the deadly truth about his beloved city.

But the fun doesn’t stop there, not when ALAN FIREDALE: DESERT DELINQUENT is on the scene! Back on the airwaves, the red-furred rebel and his friendly car turn their eyes (and headlights) to the skies when a UFO rocks the desert! Aided by family friend and unorthodox astronomer Doctor Verne, it’s a race to uncover the disk’s sinister origins in “Cosmic Conflagration!” Readers can gain access to the complete FIREDALE archive, exclusive stories, behind-the-scenes articles, and more for just $5/Month or $50/Year on Substack.

On top of all five stories in proper pulp packaging, 365 Infantry Quarterly: Summer 2024 includes a special introduction, an exclusive article detailing the starring roles of real-world military vehicles in the series, and the print debut of our 100th story “The 10-Ton Runaway,” complete with original art for the occasion!

You better hop on and hang tight, because ready or not, the wild wolven future rolls on! With books, comics, music, audio dramas, and more on the horizon, keep track of it all via our handy Linktree, follow us on Twitter/X @365Infantry and join the crew over at 365infantry.substack.com to stay up-to-date on the latest from the 25th century. As always:

May God Bless You and This Iron Age of Ours. Stay sharp, Soldiers!