HORNS UP! 365 Infantry #8 Rides Again

Now Available in Paperback & eBook!

Out now on paperback for $5 USD, eBook for $3 USD, and still riding free on Substack, the cyberpulp thrills of 365 Infantry are back for the attack. Dive into the further adventures of the intrepid hounds and magnificent machines on The Force in their fight against the mad electric goddess A.C.E.S. and the mysterious foes and phenomena that populate the post-apocalyptic 25th century.

The birth of a new year brings new quests beyond the horizon and within the mind in five exciting slices of speculative fiction, the conclusion to our first-ever Alan Firedale two-parter, and the quarterly’s debut on the digital spinneracks!

In THE WAR, adventures play out in parallel as Captain Tomás “Grim” Herrera embarks on a mission to locate the Black Country base somewhere in the far east, while Lieutenant Gibson Blanc and his pack of bikers get to the bottom of a mass raid on scrap depots across the Wastelands in The Metal Factor!

In THE HUNT, after Brennus recovers from his traumatic relapse, Eric tries to cure the hunters of their irrational psychosis once and for all via experimental hypnotic therapy, one which takes the three troubled wolves to the strangest, darkest corners of their mind in Obscurae Mentis Vitalis!

On the streets of Haven, THE URBAN AVENGER has met her match! When the dashing, antediluvian crimefighter Smith races in from the north at a crucial moment, the hippie-punk Lita enlists the white wolf in a crusade against her maniacal state-sponsored pursuer. It’s a dandy and devilish odd couple in The Professor’s Lesson!

When it comes time to crack open THE SPEEDFREAK FILES, Officer Nic “Speedfreak” Ridgefield (after some sobering up by colleague and bandmate Rory “Madskins” Armstrong) relays a bizarre affair involving artificial tornadoes and the mad scientists behind them in Drunk on Dust Devils!

And in the latest installment of TALES FROM THE FRONT LINES, Agent Roger Steele tells all about reconnaissance life. We go behind enemy lines on an undercover mission to infiltrate Haven’s Tower Network, and learn all about the twists and turns it takes when a tech-savvy hound offers Steele a chance to get closer to A.C.E.S. By the ordeal’s end, it proves a classic case of Spycraft, 2475 A.D.

But the fun doesn’t stop there, not when ALAN FIREDALE: DESERT DELINQUENT is on the scene! In the riveting conclusion to the radio show’s first two-parter, the wildfire started by General Langdon’s attack on the ancient oil fields rages out of control. It’s up to the red wolf, his high-tech hot-rod Golden Cloud, and the intrepid wolves at the Institute for Desert Phenomena to find the right gear to stop the blaze and save the towns caught in harm’s way. It all unfolds while the devious General watches from afar, waiting for the grand finale of The Cypress Fires!

Readers can gain access to the complete Firedale archive, exclusive stories, behind-the-scenes articles, and more for just $5/Month or $50/Year on Substack. The 365 Library also grows stronger with our 2022 Annual and 2023 Annual Collections covering the first two years of the series, and our recent Electric Anthology Vol. 1 covering last year’s abdundance of world-expanding flash fiction. Joining the shelf are new Quarterly editions of the magazine in paperback and eBook form, released alongside the seasonal Substack drops.

The 365 Infantry Quarterly gathers all five stories in a digest-sized package, complete with exclusive introductions and bonus content, for those who prefer their pulp thrills in their classic form. This first issue includes “Haven & The Wastelands,” a timeline overview of the world’s history from 2200’s Armaggedon to the present day of 2476.

With all these new and exciting ways to support the Force, best to keep that Linktree handy, follow us on Twitter/X @365Infantry and join the crew over at 365infantry.substack.com to stay up-to-date on the latest from the 25th century. May God Bless You and This Iron Age of Ours. Stay sharp, Soldiers!