Light Up the Night with 365 Infantry #7

Cyberpulp Anthology Soars to New Heights!

Life in the fast lane has never been wilder, weirder or more thrilling than in the ongoing adventures of the 365th Infantry! From the crumbling streets of the metropolis Haven to the lawless world of the Wastelands, these hell-raising, high-octane hounds and their many friends and foes are ready and raring to go in five brand-new stories, and an exciting audio adventure, starting December 18th on Substack!

In The War, Chief Nic Ridgefield takes to the skies in the maiden voyage of the Infantry’s latest game-changer: a fully-restored light attack aircraft, made airborne for the first time in centuries. While demonstrations are underway, the war machines of A.C.E.S. and the insidious Black Country are marshaled in an all-out assault against the Force. Will Chief Ridgefield be blown out of the skies? Will Knox and his team be overwhelmed by their powerful enemies? Find out in “Day of the Dragonfly!”

In The Hunt, the discovery of a Colosseum guard leaves Valentina and her hunters wary. While Marcus recovers from his latest episode, the white wolven leader tries to learn more about their latest catch, stonewalled by the android’s programming. It is only after a strange vision in the desert that she comes to realize the devastating power of the machine in “Insidious Prey!”

Meanwhile, life ain’t easy for the punk with the souped-up Bug. In The Urban Avenger, Lita is gunning for a quick vacation with her lawman lover Nic. Just when she’s all packed up and ready to go, a call for justice comes over the phone. It’s a nonstop run to avenge a paralyzed hound’s family, escape her meddlesome new “friend” from A.C.E.S, and make it over the borderline in “All in a Night’s Work!”

On the flip-side of the action is the fun had by Haven’s live-in vigilante and her hard-rocking cowboy in the latest chapter of The Speedfreak Files! A young Nic Ridgefield has big plans for a proper do-nothing day with Lita while she’s in town. The only thing stopping him is a never-ending supply of no-good crooks! Can the harried Speedfreak make it all work out? Find out in “No Rest for White Hats!”

Meanwhile, in Tales from the Front Lines, a different kind of love flowers when timid solar joint waitress Jane Swanson finds herself stranded on the side of the road, helped out by a friendly giant of a hound named Buck Sterling. What starts as a surprise friendship blossoms into a tender romance, relayed with slice-of-life charm in “Those Sterling Hours.”

In for the finish is none other than the hero of the Wasteland airwaves, Alan Firedale: Desert Delinquent! In their very first two-parter, Alan and Goldie are having fun working for the Institute for Desert Phenomena. The good times of testing experimental tech come to an end when a devastating discovery is made: none other than the devilish General Langdon himself is crusading across the desert, destroying all in his path! What brings the tyrant out in the open? What’s his latest scheme? Can Alan and Golden Cloud stop him before it’s too late? Never before has the danger been as red-hot than in “The Cypress Fires!”

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We’ll see you on the ‘fields, Soldier!