Five to Four by James Krake

Trapped in their office with no way out...

The latest book from James Krake, Five to Four: Suspension Space, is available now.

The work week has finally come to an end with no more mandatory overtime. Five minutes before everyone leaves however, five office workers find themselves in some kind of nightmare version of their office where all the rooms have been rearranged and there's no way out. With no cell service, no view of the city beyond the windows, and no idea what happened, they have to band together to find a way to escape.

For all that, it would be enough if there was merely man-eating monsters coming for them, stalking through the desolate halls of their workspace; but they aren't even the only people stuck in this twisted realm between realities. Can they band together and escape? Or will doubt and suspicion tear them apart before the monsters can do the job for them?

Five to Four is a short and snappy read putting regular people through a nightmare ordeal. Sitting somewhere between science-fiction and urban fantasy, the protagonists may not even learn the true nature of what befalls them, not if learning the truth comes at the price of being able to escape. It is filled with surprises and twists sure to have you turning the page to know whether they will escape, or will the clock strike four and seal their doom?