And Hell Followed with Him

A Tale of Faith, Courage, and Adventure in the Old West

Through the wild and lawless land of the American West rides Reverend Elijah Sheffield, a circuit-riding preacher with a love for the Lord and a shadowed past. However, the Bible is not his only weapon. He carries four pistols beneath his coat, and he spends the days between sermons doing the deadly work of a bounty hunter.

In And Hell Followed with Him Sheffield rides into the town of Pearson's Hope, and he could not have arrived at a better time. The townsfolk are under threat from both without and within. Brigands roam the roads and the streets, and no one has the strength to fight back. It falls to their preacher, an outsider, to save the town and restore order, and he will confront not only the enemies of his flock, but also his own past. The adventure will push him to his limits, not just of his strength but also his faith.

Inspired by classic westerns of the mid-20th century, the story reads like a lone episode of "The Rifleman," "Have Gun, Will Travel," and "Bonanza." Reverend Sheffield is inspired by the heroes of classic short fiction, combining the righteous determination of Robert E. Howard's Solomon Kane with the unassuming mind of G.K. Chesterton's Father Brown. Join him on his debut adventure! Available now in paperback and e-book here.