ANVIL #4 Updates

New Trailer & Faces!

ANVIL #4 Update

In this age of derivative and propagandistic mainstream media, creators across mediums and genres have begun pushing back. ANVIL celebrates and highlights those artists and authors drawing inspiration from the roots of comics and pulp. ANVIL: Iron Age Magazine Issue #4 will have one comic, five short stories with illustrations and six additional pieces of short fiction. Don't miss out! You can find details about all of them on, or IndieGoGo.

Don't forget about 2024 subscriptions which are still available and help support ANVIL throughout the entire year! I only have a small number of issue #3 in print, and I will be ending subscriptions for the year when they're gone.

ANVIL Team Announcements

Over the past year ANVIL has embodied the Iron Age not only in terms of content, but also in methodology. Which is a nice way of saying that we charged headfirst into the task, learned by doing, and hammered out a product. I'm proud of each isssue, and feel that each issue has upped the bar in terms of quality and style. The biggest lesson I've learned as Editor in Chief is how much help I need from those around me. As such I've been working to expand and refine the team for my own workflow starting with the next issue.

Please take a moment to welcome Sean CW Korsgaard to the team as Managing Editor. Mr. Korsgaard has a substantial background working as a freelance and professional editor in a variety of areas. In particular he has experience with the genre fiction that ANVIL is looking to publish. You can find Mr. Korsgaard on X and see what he's been up to lately. You can also pick up Worlds Long Lost, a science fiction and fantasy anthology he edited alongside Christopher Ruocchio.

Our resident workaholic Jacob Calta will continue work as Layout Editor and general multi-talented creative. (You can thank him for the trailer above.) Fortunately his work is being recognized and you'll see him popping up on number of other projects and publications in the Iron Age. As always check him out on X, and follow his flagship 365 Infantry.

Last, but not least Devany Wilson is moving from assistant editor to Art Director. She has a long background in physical and digital media, and will be working as the primary liason for artists moving forward. Follow her on X and check out her book The Gadling Legacy: Haven's Fall.

I'm confident everyone here will make for a fantastic magazine. However, all this would be impossible without you. The supporters and backers like yourself over the past year have been amazing, and made it all possible. Thank you for giving us the chance to make ANVIL a reality. I can't wait for everyone to get a look at ANVIL #4.