ANVIL #3 & First Strike

New Projects Pre-Ordering Now!

In this age of derivative and propagandistic mainstream media, creators across mediums and genres have begun pushing back. ANVIL celebrates and highlights those artists and authors drawing inspiration from the roots of comics and pulp. Now Tempered Records is doing the same with a showcase of rock styles from synth to metal.

Continuing the excellence of ANVIL #1 2, ANVIL: Iron Age Magazine Issue #3 will have two comics, four short stories with illustrations and seven additional pieces of short fiction. These stories and comics are top tier, and the artwork for this issue is striking! Don't miss out! You can find details about all of them on, IndieGoGo, & FundMyComic.

New to this campaign is a musical entry to the Iron Age! First Strike is the debut of a new project, Tempered Records, which will continue exploring more genres and musicians. First Strike is six tracks in total, and will feature the talents of Jacob Calta, Chillkid, JVP Music, Evaleigh Music, & A. C. Pritchard. Make sure to check out the lead single, "Power," by Evaleigh Music below. It is available in the same campaigns on, IndieGoGo, & FundMyComic.

In addition to all this there are now 2024 subscriptions available which will help support ANVIL throughout the entire year and make sure you don't miss a single issue! Plus, the ForgeMaster tier will be getting special, stamped covers available only through that source along with special goodies throughout the year. Thank you all for your support, and I can't wait to knock 2024 out of the park!