ANVIL Updates & News

Hammering Out the Next Steps

The initial campaign for ANVIL: Iron Age Magazine Issue #1 ended with 506 backers and $21,792 raised, nearly nine times the original goal. Needless to say I've been humbled by the outpouring of support for the magazine, IronAge Media, and the Iron Age as a whole. As for progress on the first issue, we're content complete, with only a few small edits and then wrapping up the layout. I'll continue to post about the printing and fulfillment on the updates page of the campaign.

Once all that is wrapped up I'll be doing a general overview of what my lead times, costs, and time spent was overall. There were plenty of things to navigate and unforeseen costs along the way, which I would love to spare others. One of those has been the break point for where it makes sense to round the print order up to a solid thousand due to volume discounts. Currently with overrun spares, marketing copies, and back-issue sales it's looking fairly certain that I should just order a thousand copies. This is fantastic news, but I wanted to make sure everyone knows that anything ordered through the campaign will be uniquely first edition. Anything sent out or sold separately will have a notice stamped or embossed on the masthead page.

Most importantly the campaign has been such a success that issue #2 is moving forward, and we're off to a quarterly pace. The submission information is here and if you are an author, comic creator, reviewer, or artist, then I would love to hear from you. Please read all the way through the page to make everyone's lives easier. The team is the same so far, myself, Daniel P. Riley, of Whimsyland as Editor and Jacob Calta of 365 Infantry as Designer.

Finally, I wanted to express my thanks to everyone who read, contributed, or shared the issue #1 campaign. The support I received has been truly remarkable. It would never have been possible without all of you, and I am incredibly excited about the future of ANVIL and the Iron Age.