Babylon Black

A Cyberpunk Horror Collection

Singaporean pulp-machine Kit Sun Cheah is one of the inveterate craftsman of the medium. A dynamo of an author who has been pumping out exciting work for ages. And his latest triumph is “Babylon Black,” now live on Indiegogo.

Cheah’s “Babylon” series is a wild cyberpunk opus. A world of cosmic horror, warring Gods, and the end of Mankind itself at hand. This latest installment includes four never-before-seen tales from the Hugo-nominated author that will take readers to the very edge of imagination and terror.

Publisher Tuscany Bay Books and sci-fi pulp series 365 Infantry have joined in on the excitement of Cheah’s new campaign with special perks for backers, on top of the wealth of stories from the “Babylon” series and Cheah’s astoundingly prolific back catalogue.

Tuscany Bay are offering three standout titles from their expansive library, Hell Spawn and White Ops by Declan Finn, and When the Gods Fell by Richard Paolinelli. Finn’s books represent the first in his “Saint Tommy, N.Y.P.D.” and “White Ops” series respectively.

365 creator Jacob Calta is offering up series omnibus The 2022 Annual Collection in eBook form, the first soundtrack to the audio adventure series Alan Firedale: Desert Delinquent in high-quality MP3, and a one-year paid subscription to the Substack website at 50% off, which grants access to exclusive stories, comics, audio productions like “Alan Firedale,” and more.

All perks are offered both as add-ons, and in bundled packs, including the “Dark SFF Digital Book Bundle,” which includes digital copies of ”Babylon Black,” the Tuscany Bay books, and the 365 Annual Collection, and the “Dark SFF Deluxe Book Bundle,” which includes eBook and print copies of ”Babylon Black,” the Tuscany Bay books, and the 365 Subscriber Pack, which contains all of the series’ campaign perks.

Get in on the action, horror, and intrigue of Kit Sun Cheah’s ”Babylon” series, and help support three fine purveyors of independent entertainment. The campaign ends on April 8th.