A Chat with Big Geek Emporium

A New RPG and Tabletop Indie Shop

Big Geek Emporium is a fledgling online RPG shop. They aim to offer the best rates without exclusivity, and DO NOT tell creators what to write. I had the opportunity to correspond and cover a few questions about their endeavor.

What motivated you to start this site up?

This past summer, DriveThru updated their policy on "creator behavior". In typical Big Brother fashion, they warn that behavior off site can lead to consequences on site. Several creators were angry about this and other censorship issues. Being inspired by Eric July's Rippaverse (in the works at the time), I decided to not JUST be mad, I decided to do something. Big Geek Emporium began as a project the following week.

Do you have physical media for sale as well, if so how is that handled?

We just started offering print on demand through Lulu. It is all done behind the scenes, so creators and customers stay on site.
Also, if a vendor/creator has physical products they want to sell, we can set that up too. It would work much like Etsy or Ebay.

What is the process for getting a product listed on your site?

It's a little convoluted to be honest. It is a WordPress site using Woocommerce and Dokan to create a multivendor marketplace. I have a dev team working on smoothing out the rough edges. We hope to have the new site up very soon.

What is your background with RPG and tabletop gaming?

I have been gaming since 1980. Mostly Dungeons and Dragons and its derivatives in the OSR camp. Also WFRP, Paladium, Champions, Pathfinder, 13th Age, The Strange, Savage Worlds.

What is OSR, and how would you describe it in brief?

OSR - Old School Renaissance or Revival. For me, OSR is about the spirit of old school play, rather than a particular ruleset. Primarily, because combat can be so lethal, players are encouraged to think rather than use brute force. Not every monster must be fought, and indeed many shouldn't. In support of this, players will tend to using hireling/retainers, use diplomacy, stealth, and artifice to "get the goods".

Have you been directly involved with the creation of any of these products?

No. I feel a bit conflicted about creating anything for the store. I am open, however, to the possibility my misgivings are unfounded.

Are there any plans to offer BG Emporium branded products, either games, rulebooks, or accessories like dice?

My Podcast/Livestream co-host Randy Nichols is creating a module that will be if not Emporium branded, Biggus Geekus branded. Biggus Geekus is the name of our weekly livestream on YouTube. We are talking about other modules and perhaps a setting, likely designed with old school (if not OSR) sensibilities.
I am also looking at print on demand apparel, mugs, stickers, etc.