Blasters & Blades Podcast

Veteran`s Views on SFF Culture

Running strong since February 2021 the Blasters & Blades podcast has covered hundreds of authors, artists, game designers, and all around interesting people. Understatedly described as:

Just a couple of nerdy Army veterans geeking out on things that go "abracadabra," "pew," "zoom," "boop-beep" and rhyme with Science Fiction & Fantasy.

The backgrounds of each of these three veterans brings unique insights into the realms of imagination. Novelist and short story author JR Handley has been writing science fiction for years now. Nick Garber is a talented comic artist currently heading up Apogee Comics. Doc Cisca is a self described 'uber book fan' with a broad background in scifi and fantasy who also participates in a number of writer oriented conventions.

Through lively conversations, the hosts recommend hidden gems, interview indie and mainstream creators, and tackle thought-provoking topics. If you'd like to catch up on their sizable backlog of episodes check out this page, to find links to all your favorite ways to listen.

Alternatively, if you want to jump into a recent episode I'll selfishly recommend this interview I did alongside Nick Pecone who runs the Iron Age Marketing podcast. Check it out below or find it on your preferred platform.