The Bloody Shamrock: An 80s Odyssey

A thriller set in the dreamlike reality of 80s NYC

It's the 80s. It's New York City. And life in the Big Apple is one mean and dangerous place. Crime is at an all time high. And out here there's a man that would like to think of himself as the biggest and baddest dude to ever grace these streets. One Michael "Madboy" Connelly. A real brawler, a real womanizer, a real player, and a real prick. Just an all around bad boy. But he's got his story, that of a newly released man that's planning for revenge, against those he believes had set him up and had him sent to the slammer. But that's just one man's story in a bigger story. There's also a man in the city that's been all over the TV, that everyone's calling "The Big White Head." A mysterious man with a lot of power, that plans to start anarchy. Start what he's proclaiming as "The Age of Rage," leading to all the gangs on the streets to rise up and try to wipe this city straight off the map. Between Michael "Madboy" Connelly, The Big White Head, and The Age of Rage, it's gonna be a hot time in the city, tonight.