The Brotherhood of the Revenants: 1066

A Grimdark Historical Story

The Brotherhood of the Revenants is a series that delves into the unknown eldritch world, of forces that are beyond the comprehensible. A small group of powerful knights whose past are tainted by sin, crime and death is all that stands between mankind's extinction and apocalypse.

This is a series of Pulp fantasy based on the real world that mixes mythology and history. The current book tells the events of the year 1066, that led to massive changes to the world that is still felt to this very day.

Fans of Warhammer 40,000, Solomon Kane, Conan, Lovecraftian horrors, history and mythology will feel right at home in this novel.

The eBook, includes a different drawing for each chapter, a small compendium, and a map.

Paperback and Hardcover books include all the drawings from the eBook with a total of 25 drawings, following the standard of "The Savage Tales of Solomon Kane" by Robert E. Howard.

It was an incredible journey to make my first book, and I would like to invite you to this weird world, my dear reader.

All the drawings and content were made by me. The sequel to this book is currently being written.

The eBook can currently be acquired at Amazon, which also includes print-on-demand paperback and hardcover variants.