Chivalheart: Uprising

An Iron Age Card-Driven Strategy Game

Although the term 'Iron Age' was inspired by comics, when I launched the site I decided to take a broad view on what the Iron Age really was. Now we can mark a new dimension to the Iron Age with Chivalheart: Uprising. Chivalheart is a fantasy universe created by Small Mount Studios, a pair of Iron Age creators, one of whom lives in my area. So after a brief introduction, we sat down to play a round.

It is the 426th year of the Second Reckoning. The mystical Seren Shahran has extended its rule into the neighboring continent of Mithem. Under the command of Ssarac the invaders seem unstoppable, and nobles and heroes alike bend the knee to their new overlords.

In the now-former Kingdom of Bergavik, however, discontent has boiled over into an all-out revolt. Peasants and professionals take up arms, faithful to their princess, inspired by a knight, and emboldened by a bandit chieftain. From hidden hideouts they plot their uprising and are confident that numbers will be on their side… but defeating the Seren will take more than numbers alone, for their enemy is disciplined and supported by Magi. To win, the rebels will have to rely on trickery and superior familiarity with the terrain to outmaneuver their battle-hardened foes. Will the resolve of the rebels liberate their mountainous homeland, or will the strategies of Ssarac return this nation to the ash-heap of history?

Rise Up!

Chivalheart: Uprising is a two player, card-driven strategy wargame that focuses on asymmetry and replay value. The rebels and empire clash across the beautifully illustrated board while card decks provide special opportunities to each player, and alter the nature of the game. Each faction plays in a radically different manner. The rebels are masters of harassment and movement, while the empire attempts to exert its full military and economic force.

After playing a few rounds I can attest to the strategic depth, dynamic nature, and the asymmetric possibilities offered by this game. If you're looking for a game to match wits with another Iron Age fan, I highly recommend Chivalheart: Uprising.