Rousing Peplum Thrills from Cirsova

May the Gods be with The Mighty Sons of Hercules!

Like a bolt of Greco-Roman lightening they strike. When the strength of men fail, and the forces of evil threaten the innocent, there you will find The Mighty Sons of Hercules! Justice’s champions, challenging monsters and malcontents in a time and place long since past.

Inspired by the explosion of Italian adventure epics in the late 50s and early 60s, Cirsova Publishing has gathered eight dependable craftsman to bring to life eight worthy warriors for an anthology packed to the brim with sword-and-sandal fun. “Mighty Sons of Hercules” is a dazzling salute to the strongmen of yore who brought with them courage and daring as they travelled the world and left the lands they visited a better place.

From the revival of old favorites like Italian legend Maciste in J. Manfred Weichsel’s “Maciste in the Land of the Snakes” to the classical thrills of Owen G. Tabord’s “Mighty Umaeo and the Tyrant's Test” to the defiant stands taken in Misha Burnett's ”Summer of the Stranger,” this anthology of masculine might and exotic danger is hopefully the first volume of many yet to come. The book features striking cover art by 365 Infantry artist Kevin John Jacob and a special limited edition cover by author and artist Michael Tierney.

Join these eight noble heroes for adventures of a lifetime, told as only modern masters of pulp fiction can. “The Mighty Sons of Hercules Vol. 1” is funding now on Kickstarter, but don’t delay! The campaign ends July 31st.