Citadel of Seven Swords

An Old School Sword & Sorcery Novel

Recall that feeling of adventure and wonder that filled you as you dove into the pages of a Savage Sword in the back seat of your parent's car, or snuck a look into the yellowed pages of your older brother's book with the terrifying monster and muscled hero on the cover?

Those marvels still await you. That's what I hope to write.

Citadel of Seven Swords was inspired by early pulps, the writings (and comic adaptations) of Robert E. Howard, and the fantastical Sword & Sorcery flicks of the 80's.

Skarde, a mercenary from the cold North, finds himself enslaved after a night of overindulgent carousing. Never one to accept fate, he fights with daring and skill, pressing his luck as far as it will take him, and beyond.

But he discovers his captors are no mere pirates. Skarde struggles against an army of cultists, pits his will against an ancient Wizard, and finds unexpected allies along the way.

Citadel of Seven Swords is the first novel of the Skarde: The Wandering Sword series. E-Book preorder is available until July 26, 2023, and the paperback will release the same day (Amazon willing).

The second novel, Weird of the Skull Totem, is being edited now. The third is a WIP. Each book can be read as a stand alone. Also, watch for Blades Against Fear, a Skarde short story, in ANVIL #2!