CROM: The Destroyer, coming to Indiegogo

Conan Inspired Sword & Sorcery. A return to form.

At the dawn of the age of Arius, an undefeated king searches for an honorable death on the battlefield. But his skill is unequaled, and none can match him. That is until demonic forces are drawn toward the slaughter, and a new kind of battle ensues.

The “CROM: The Destroyer” campaign will begin the 4th of July 2023 on Indiegogo. The 72 page story will be available as a full color, square bound graphic novel, and as a black and white, 8 ½ x11 magazine. There will also be a number of other perks available, including several pin-up posters, oversized cards, and a fantasy map.

Come join the Undefeated King’s army by signing up on the early-bird page. Enrollment gets you a reminder email when the project goes live, and a free, exclusive pin-up poster with your order.

“Crom: The Destroyer” is a Robert E. Howard inspired tale of low, gritty fantasy. In creating the story, the main aim was to take the figures from Celtic myth that inspired Howard to write Conan, Kull, and Solomon Kane, and combine them anew. The result is a return to form for low fantasy, with a concentration on solid characters, and sword on sword, flesh and bone, magic versus metal storytelling.

As with the original Robert E. Howard stories, “CROM: The Destroyer” is a three chapter, self-contained tale that jumps right into the action. The aim is to get your blood pumping - with combat, intrigue, and beautiful women - and to keep you on the edge of your seat right up until the last panel. So if you’re tired of fantasy stories that concentrate on nonsensical political contrivances, or slow ‘soap-opera’ plot points, or deus-ex-machina magic at every turn, then “CROM: The Destroyer” is for you.

Art for the book is a combination of the spectacular pencils of new, up and coming artists Jim O’Riley and Nik Axe, with inking being handled by Mike Gustovich (known for his work on Avengers, Batman, Conan the King, Justice Machine and more.)

The Fourth Age Comics concentrates on solid, fast paced storytelling, while only employing the highest quality artists to bring that story to life. So plunge headlong into the Iron Age with “CROM: The Destroyer!”

Check out the short trailers for “CROM: The Destroyer” here and here!