There’s One Cure for A Bad Case of Dead!

Breyfogle Returns with a Fantastic Victorian Adventure

From Cirsova Publishing and author Jim Breyfogle, the creator of fantasy adventure serial Mongoose and Meerkat, comes an exciting novel fraught with preternatural monstrosities, high-seas escapades, and hidden worlds beyond our own: A Bad Case of Dead!

Attacked in the dark of an alley, ordinary London clerk Edward is propelled on an extraordinary ordeal when he discovers that he is now afflicted with zumbiism. He’s a dead man walking, with only one chance at curing his bizarre ailment: a journey to the Narrow World, and the help of a Necromancer. Armed with only an elixir and the determination to see it through for his beloved Becca, he catches the next boat bound for the Narrow World, and races against the hour glass in the adventure of a lifetime!

In the spirit of his debut novel The Paths of Cormanor, “A Bad Case of Dead” is best described as a fairytale romance, this time with an eye for Victorian-era adventure. Packed to the rafters with fantastic scenarios and dangerous creatures, the drama is all anchored by a common man thrown into a most uncommon situation. Get in on the latest example of Breyfogle’s classic brand of high-stakes excitement via Kickstarter, the book made available for pre-order in eBook, paperback and hardcover form. Crowdfunding ends on March 1st.