A Rogue’s Review: D.A. Evaline

What to do when children are the weapons?

District Attorney Evaline is a corrupt politician in Johnny Phantasm: Devil’s Night 1985 by Evan Pozios and Patrick Thomas Parnell, published by Riot Press Productions.

Johnny Phantasm is the underground leader and native son of New Detroit. He admits that he was once a killer, but that it was necessary to gain control over the city and to collect every ounce of gold that New Detroit has. He possesses a power given to him by a trio of magicians called “The Phantasm” that has given him a mystical power to take over the city, but he also has a lust for gold that surprises even him.

District Attorney Evaline is the symbol of the law as Johnny played her opposite as the embodiment of crime, making them natural enemies. D.A. Evaline was not just New Detroit’s primary prosecutor; she was also serving as an agent to a supernatural creature. She dresses in a business suit that does not indicate that she is anything other than a district attorney.

D.A. Evaline seeks to take control over New Detroit by using the most innocent of weapons; children. This is a weapon that other will not attack and few have the stomach to hurt in self-defense. This gives her a distinct advantage against Johnny and any authorities that might stand in her way.

D.A. Evaline is a villain that uses the power of the state to accomplish the will of her cosmic master. Using children as weapons show there are few moral boundaries, she is willing to cross and a lack of regard for the citizens she was supposed to serve. Her eagerness to turn on a weaker master for a stronger one makes her a very dangerous minion, proving the only master she would ever serve is her ambitions.

Overall, D.A. Evaline is a good villain. She is believable and well-written. She is a classic second-in-command, ambitious and ruthless that would keep a leader on his toes. It is a shame we may not be seeing her return from wherever The Phantasm sent her.

I highly recommend reading this comic and I look forward to seeing what new threats arise from the pages of this series. You can see the full review and more here.