Dan the Destructor

Conan: Isekai Edition

After an initial foray into pulp fiction, I set my sights on Dan the Destructor next. This is the first entry in the Barbarians of the Storm series, and a bit of a trip down memory lane as well. Dense and briskly-paced, this entry follows the origin story of Dan, a man dragged into a new, dangerous, and savage world by the machinations of an evil wizard. Unfortunately, a modern, sedentary lifestyle has left him both mentally and physically unequipped for the post-apocalyptic wildlands he now inhabits. There are friendships to be made, journeys to embark on, and evil overlords to topple, so it’s fortunate that he befriends Fenrik, a barbarian on a quest to vanquish the same evil wizard that inadvertently summoned Dan.

The two join forces, but they’re two men against an army of magic, evil, the undead, and cosmic horrors. Follow along with their adventures as they seek to liberate a shattered world from the grip of an evil tyrant, and check out my substack for a full review.