Dark Harvest Arriving

The Critical Drinker Launches Fresh Novel

Before The Critical Drinker became a well known media critic, he was already creating something new with his successful Ryan Drake series. Now after a decade of novels following former soldier and CIA asset Ryan Drake, author Will Jordan is bringing a new world to life in Dark Harvest. Set in modern day Iraq, the tale centers on military contractor Cameron Becker and medic Lori Dalton as they become entangled in a bio-terrorism plot with global consequences. Together, they must dive into the mysterious past of a virus that drives its victims into a vicious rage.

Will Jordan pitches the story as:

For fans of World War Z, a chilling mystery, an ancient threat, and a race against time to save humanity--inspired by the true events of the Dyatlov Pass incident.

The Dyatlov Pass Incident occurred in the Ural mountains in February of 1959. A group of mountaineers from a regional college died under mysterious circumstances, with several sustaining bizarre injuries including facial damage and fractures indicating extreme force. A host of theories have been put forward, from avalanches, to indigenous peoples, to supernatural beings. Despite extensive investigations into these theories no conclusions have been forthcoming.

How Jordan plans to weave this Cold War enigma into modern Iraq is anyone's guess. Readers excited to follow the harrowing adventure of Becker and Dalton can pick up the novel today.