Sci-Exploitation Goes To Omega-12

A New Animated Movie Aims to Take Back Sci-fi

In Escape From Planet Omega-12, a young woman is marooned on a primordial alien world filled with hostile alien life. With only a few weapons, a small floating robot, and the aid of a strange entity that has absorbed the personality of her dead husband, she must remain on the move to avoid capture from a mysterious hidden enemy.

Created in the tradition of stories like Fire & Ice, Heavy Metal, and Samurai Jack, combining practical effects miniatures and puppets with traditional animation, Omega-12 aims to infuse science fiction and the pop-culture entertainment landscape at large with new energy in the hopes to deliver what Hollywood refuses to.

This movie is planned as the first in the Sci-Exploitation Anthology, a collection of independent feature films, series, and short films, some stand-alone and others continuous, told in both live-action and animated formats. Promising to use the best aspects of past beloved franchises in both storytelling and techniques, combined with the latest in consumer and open-source technology, Sci-Exploitation aims to tell stories of high adventure, romance, and heroism.

The campaign is looking for one-thousand true sci-fi/fantasy fans to help change how the entertainment industry at large approaches creating original content in new and unusual ways, doing so on a reasonable budget so that they're not beholden to major studios that are banking on big returns.

To find out more at the crowdfunding site and learn about how you can help, either by contributing or spreading the word.