The Eye Of The Universe

When you`re stranded in space try not to lose your mind

Aboard the disaster-struck luxury star liner Persephone, a survivor awakens, with nothing but the corpses of the passengers and crew for company. While one of them, the body of a man named Ziggy, proves to be better company than expected, their problems are only just beginning. Until a distress signal can somehow be sent into the void, they must brave the maddening horrors, hull breaches and questionable food options aboard the massive starship together.

If all that wasn't enough, out in space a giant unblinking eye silently observes them through every window and porthole, waiting patiently and hungrily for them to break...

The Eye Of The Universe is a battle against starvation, despair and insanity in the lonely void of space.

Available in paperback and as an ebook here

Praise for The Eye Of The Universe:

"It's scary, dark, and strangely sad and beautiful in its own grisly way." - T Alex Ratcliffe (author of Battle Games)

"Soon enough I was rooting for both characters, and I couldn't imagine either one of them leaving the other behind. The unnamed main character's friendship with the dead guy is at the heart of this story, and it's pretty amazing how the author pulls it off." - Leslee Sheu (author of the Kumasagi series)