Fiasco of Adventures

Kevin Jones as Fiasco learns to be a Mega-hero

As a child stationed overseas, I remember my mother standing in a long line to buy me comics, X-men Volume 1 #281 And X-men #1; the wrap-around Magneto cover. She did this because she knew her son loved comic books, and being stuck in school, would miss out otherwise. Comics were a small American comfort in strange lands, and she always supported my hobby till the end.

So, imagine my disappointment when Comics changes so much that I was forced to stop reading them because creators no longer respected heroism. It wasn’t until I discovered Diversity and Comics and other creators who shared in my disappointment in the loss of the medium that I realized I was not alone.

Fiasco of Adventures is super-hero novel that is a throwback to flawed heroes struggling to improve, while still balancing a life outside of the mask. Fiasco himself is an unapologetic homage to the great Geoff Johns/Ethan Van Sciver run on Green lantern, one of the last stories I followed before I quit comics. Eagle eye readers will notice the easter eggs I put in the book linked to that run because, well, I like comics.

The Megacosm universe thrives to return Heroism in stories and true escapism.

What would you do for the woman of your dreams?

Follow the adventure of Kevin Jones as the down on his luck Mega-hero named Fiasco. After years of numerous failures as a hero and in life, he inexplicably captures Julianna Jove, the highly sought after beauty from his job as a lowly bill collector.

For a time, he puts away the mask to be with her yet, circumstances arise in Kevin and Julianna's relationship that force him to don the alter ego of Fiasco once again.

Struggling to prove that he is worthy of the woman who chose him above all others, and drawing the scorn of powerful Malignant's who use their power for evil, the disastrous results as a Mega threaten to keep Kevin and Julianna apart forever.

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