Goofberry Pie

A Mouse`s Adventurous Lunch

As I was considering the first articles I wanted to launch the site, George Alexopoulos announced his intention to release a children's book. Mr. Alexopoulos, best known for his political cartoons, also stated he would not be announcing the title of the book until later, so I shelved the article. After the site had begun to pick up steam I pestered him with a few interview questions, which he kindly answered here:

​What adventure is the mouse embarking on?

​He is on a quest to find something yummy for lunch.

​​Is there a 'message' you're hoping kids will pick up?

​​It's a story about taking responsibility for our choices. The intent is for parents to read to their kids, then they can discuss any lessons they discover. I want to offer a contrast to many children's books where the "message" is too heavy handed. Ideally, it's just a sweet story that can become a series, if parents are happy with how it turns out.

​Is Pokidot Shop on etsy going to be the sole source of physical copies?

​​Yes, Pokidot on Etsy will be where we sell it. Each copy of the First Edition will be handmade, along with everything else in the shop including bibs, clothes, blankets, and other items parents will find very sweet and classic.

​​Is this a limited run?

​The handmade editions may become limited, depending on demand and how much I can fulfill. If it sells many copies, I may outsource future editions.

If this sounds interesting and you're looking for a beautifully illustrated children's book I suggest you go to Pokidot Shop and pick it up today.

From the Etsy page:

Dad's coming home for lunch and Mom baked a special treat: Goofberry Pie. However, it's missing the sweetest ingredient--a topping! Strudel, the brave hero of this story, must venture into the front yard, down the street, and even across town all by himself to find the best berry ever. Can he do it? What friends will he meet? What obstacles will he face? Will he make it back in time?