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IMMORTAL RISING #1 is two stories in one.

The first story is the 34-page “The Calling”.
The evil deity Bamane has used his empire to ravage and reap souls across the universe in an ancient quest to destroy his creator, Locutus. As his maleficent forces are held fast by the defenders of the demiurge Locutus, a vision of an artifact Ruby once wielded by Bamane and believed destroyed, redirects the deity’s attention to his most potent weapon once again. An acquisition that could see the death of a creator God and the destruction of the planet where the Ruby is seen in a vision, the unsuspecting planet of Terra.

As the Bamanite Empire invades the planet Terra, a secret lies deep within its core. The last shard of Locutus’ power has been hiding, unable to interact with his creations for fear of discovery. The threat of annihilation forces the demiurge Locutus to cry out and “call” his creations to himself in a desperate act of survival.

“The Calling” reaches out across all of the creatures and worlds of Locutus. Into every dimension of what is left of his dominion and all of the planes his creations exist in. It’s on the plane of Alfheim, in the Kingdom of Highwind, we find the reluctant leader of our party, Drake Hardy.

Drake Hardy had a promising career in the Ranger Corps of the Highwind Army. He had a beautiful girl he wanted to love, and a purpose in life, but Fate had other plans for Drake, Tasked with escorting the twin Princes of Highwind on a simple hunting mission, Drake and his party are suddenly transported, or “Called”, to Terra for reasons beyond his understanding.

Drake must survive a War of the Gods on the world of Terra, a planet ruled by the Undead Lords of Dracula. Considered a backwater slave planet by the Bamanite Empire, Terra was freed from Dracula’s Curse of Eternal Night by his killer, the newly deified hero Andrulykis. As Drake and his party find themselves in a foreign land filled with monsters, a newly ordained cleric to the Church of Andrulykis offers assistance in a time of need.

The second story is the 10-page “Knights of Locutus”.
We follow the quest of two gods in service of their creator, Locutus, These Knights of Locutus enter a plane of Hell to confront a Demon Baron who betrayed the Knights at the Battle of the Heartbreak against their enemy, Bamane. Deep in the barren wastes of Hell, they seek a long-awaited vengeance and are met with a shocking revelation.

Join the party, fight in the war, and try to survive.